We are committed to an active fund management approach

We believe that outstanding fund managers, supported by best-in-class research, will deliver the best performance in the long-term.

We invest alongside our customers. All staff have personal investments in Octagon Investment Funds, or products where Octagon is the investment manager, reflecting a belief in our ability and approach.

We adopt a flexible investment approach
We believe investors benefit from diversification across and within asset classes. Our investment style seeks opportunities in all market cycles. Cyclical, defensive, value, and structural growth stocks along with income securities – we will invest in them all when the time is right and the return for risk is fair.
We prioritise responsible investment
We consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors when making investment decisions. Our belief is that investors have a vital role in facilitating change. Our interactions with companies seek to drive change for the better. We focus on engagement first, and where necessary stock exclusion.
We are active investment managers
We are patient, disciplined investors and are prepared to research deeply to find and exploit mispriced securities. We also incorporate quantitative models and economic relationships to help us see and understand the businesses we invest in. Finally, we overlay our experience and judgement to build portfolios.
We seek attractive, risk-adjusted returns
There is no return without risk. But when risk is mispriced, there can be opportunity. Our analysis focuses on identifying opportunities, understanding risk, and investing where the returns justify it. This helps us to avoid over-paying for the promise of future growth.
We apply clear asset selection criteria
In considering investments within each fund, our criteria include earnings prospects, risk level, qualitative analysis of business strengths and weaknesses, and relative value against similar investments or other opportunities.

How to invest in Octagon funds

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