Creating your future wealth is our focus

We have a new name but a rich history. Launched in November 2021, Octagon Asset Management is a boutique funds management company with a team based in Wellington, Auckland, and Dunedin. We believe in our process and our people invest their money alongside you.


Our business is built upon eight key principles

1. We put our clients’ interests first.
The work we do, is with our clients’ interests at heart. Only what delivers value for our clients delivers value for our business. The returns we deliver and the quality of the experience we provide are the measure of our performance.
2. We are active investment managers.
We are patient, disciplined investors and are prepared to research deeply to find and exploit mispriced securities. We also incorporate quantitative models and economic relationships to help us see and understand the businesses we invest in. Finally, we overlay our experience and judgement to build portfolios.
3. We seek attractive, risk-adjusted returns.
There is no return without risk. But when risk is mispriced, there can be opportunity. Our analysis focuses on identifying opportunities, understanding risk, and investing where the returns justify it. This helps us to avoid over paying for the promise of future growth.
4. We adopt a flexible investment approach.
We believe investors benefit from diversification across and within asset classes. Our investment style seeks opportunities in all market cycles. Cyclical, defensive, value, and structural growth stocks along with income securities – we will invest in them all when the time is right and the return for risk is fair.
5. We believe experience matters.
History doesn’t repeat but it can rhyme. Combined our people have over 90 years of investment expertise. Importantly our senior portfolio managers have experience working together, and have successfully navigated many investment cycles. That experience is now focused on creating value for Octagon investors.
6. We prioritise communication.
We believe investors should have access to clear, timely communication regarding investment strategy and performance. Our job is to answer your investment questions.
7. We embrace Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG).
Assessing ESG risks and opportunities helps us to make more informed investment decisions. Further, investors have a vital role in facilitating change. Our interactions with companies seek to drive change for the better. We focus on engagement first, and where necessary stock exclusion.
8. We are independent.
We are 100% New Zealand owned. We have two experienced, independent directors on our board, including the Board Chair, delivering governance oversight.

How to invest in Octagon funds

Becoming an Octagon client is straightforward. Get started today.